World's first VR brain surgery film will satisfy your scientific curiosity

Tech 11-9-2017 Mashable 32

Warning: Some viewers may find the above video graphic. 

Ever wanted to hang out in the operating theatre to see a brain surgery with your own eyes? 

Then this immersive video is for you. The neurosurgical team at The Royal London Hospital have published the first 360 VR film showing a patient undergoing surgery to treat life-threatening brain aneurysms. 

With a combination of 360 HD cameras and head-mounted GoPros, viewers can experience the surgery both from the point of view of the patient and the surgeon. 

At the beginning of the film you're the patient, being wheeled into the operating theatre for the surgery. Then, you join the medical team from the eyes of the surgeon. A virtual screen in the operating theatre shows details of the invasive procedure. It's also possible to look around the entire room.  Read more...

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