New Zealand lays claim to the 'British classic' that is mince toast

Tech 13-7-2017 Mashable 22

The anger from Brits over mince toast was palpable. 

Mince toast! How dare the Americans — specifically food website Eaterclaim the dish was a "quintessential British comfort classic." 

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That was according to a video it posted on Monday, in which it visited London's Quality Chop House. But many Brits said they've never eaten it.

British restaurant critic Jay Rayner, who once described upscale Paris restaurant Le Cinc as being decorated in shades of "fuck you," weighed in on Twitter.

For god sake @eater what are you on? Apart from mince on toast, something I have never eaten

— Jay Rayner (@jayrayner1) July 10, 2017

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