Shipwrecked Fox II Found!

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Fox II shipwreck

Last year, Stein Hoff of Norway spent 84 days at sea, rowing from New York to the Isle of Scilly off the coast of England. Stein had to be rescued from a storm at sea by a passing ship, but the cargo freighter had no way of towing his rowboat home. The Fox II had to be abandoned. Now, nine months later, the lost boat has been spotted in the desolate icy shores of Spildra, Norway, an island near the 80-degree latitude mark.

abandoned fox ii

Credit: the Bjørklunds

14-year-old Trygve Tidemann Bjørklund and his father spotted the boat frozen to the shoreline of the island of Spildra. Having been out fishing for the day, they were certainly intrigued by the small shipwreck on the remote island. They went ashore to investigate the curious craft, finding it to be none other than Stein Hoff’s lost boat.

Trygve Tidemann Bjørklund and father

American flag found on the boat.
Credit: Bjørklund

They reported damage to the side rail and main cabin, but a compartment on the front was still sealed. All of the compartments they managed to open were filled with ice, and they don’t expect it to thaw until June.

the shipwrecked fox ii

Credit: Jan Erik Pedersen

Stein continues to work on his book about the journey while he waits to recover the boat he spent 84 days rowing in stormy seas in. Due to the remote location of the island, no roads exist to reach the boat.

Ripley’s, along with Stein, think their best shot is the Hurtigruten, which takes cars and tourists to and from Norway’s northern- most islands.

the shipwrecked fox ii

Credit: Jan Erik Pedersen

the shipwrecked fox ii

Credit: Jan Erik Pedersen

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